Friday, 5 October 2012
Sensory Stimulation for Seniors

Studies have found that sensory games help with seniors who are diagnosed with Alzheimer's or dementia.  These exercises promote well-being by reducing stress of seniors and helping their caregivers to realize the likes/dislikes of their loves ones.  

Sensory skills of Sound
Play soft sounds of music to find out which sounds relax your loved one. Once you know if they like the sound of running water, birds chirping, light classical music, etc., you will have a method to calm your loved one if he/she becomes agitated.  This is a tool SEI Healthcare trains our caregivers to utilize if our clients become anxious, agitated or aggressive.

Sensory Skills of Sight
These activities are very simple to do and work great with clients who have Alzheimer's or dementia.  Show your loved one large pieces of construction paper. Use one color at a time. You may find they respond with a smile when they see their favorite color! If so, make sure they have something on the wall in that color. You can show them pictures of nature scenes if you like and check for the same reaction.

Sensory Skills of Touch
Give your loves ones many items to touch, such asbubble wrap, corduroy, smooth items, scratchy items, etc.  Incorporate touching your client (very slowly at first) and see if they like to have a massage on their feet or their arms.  You may find your love one especially likes the feel of fleece. Give them a fleece covered pillow to keep them comfortable. These stimulation games are fun and the touch of different items is endless in possibilities.

Sensory Skills of  Taste
This game can prove to be fun for all involved! You can blindfold your loved one, if they will allow without becoming anxious, and see if they can tell you the correct name of the food you feed them. Many times, a poor appetite is not due to taste, but instead it is the texture of foods that inhibit proper eating.  Try small bites of many differing foods and you will discover which ones your loved one enjoys eating. 

Sensory Skill of Smell
The sense of smell can bring back wonderful memories of days long past. If your client is able, allow them to cook with you. Bake cookies or a cake with them. If they can't physically help on the kitchen, take the freshly baked items to them and allow them to smell.  An easier method to stimulate the sensory skill of smell is to add aroma diffusers to the room.  Smells can help to calm your loved one. 

These ideas to stimulate the senses of our loved ones are simple and may prove very beneficial in exercising the mind and hopefully finding methods of relaxation for your loved ones. Our non-medical home care services provided in TN, GA, AR, MS and KY, are of the highest quality. We encourage our senior clients to remain active in their homes with the assistance of our intensely trained caregivers.  Personal interaction is always the best medicine to keep a happy client. Our SEI Healthcare caregivers go the extra mile and ensure our clients know they matter to them.  If you need any assistance, whether it be long term or short term, feel free to call us and find out more about our non-medical senior homecare services and how we can better your lives by assisting in your day to day activities such as housekeeping, providing personal care, reminding loved ones to take their medications, etc.  Remember...You'll Feel Better Knowing that We're There!

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