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Too Fit to Fall

How many of you have known someone age 65 or older whom has fallen?  Unfortunately, most of us know a family member, friend or acquaintance whom has taken a tumble a time of two.  There are preventative measures we should take ourselves and with our loved ones to ensure fall safety.


As people age, some fear that sharing with their family they are becoming unsteady on their feet means the kids will push for them to move into assisted living or nursing homes.   If you are afraid to speak of this to your family member, you may certainly share your concerns with your physician.  Your physician could assist you and help allay your fears of falling. 

*One way would be to ensure you are maintaining muscle mass and proper movement through physical therapy exercises and a regular cardio program that suits your body's needs.  This will strengthen/tone your muscles so you are stronger and more stable on your feet. 

*A second idea could be that you have your eyesight checked so you have correct vision in walking and correcting any problems you may have by wearing bifocals, or other types of eyeglasses that suit you.


Unfortunately, falls do occur.  If you fall, it is imperative that you inform your physician, even if you feel you did not suffer injury.  Your medications and/or the dosages may contribute to your falls.  It could be a sign that there is a problem with your body that needs to be attended (diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.).  Allowing your physician to know as much as possible about your fall will do more to help you prevent them in the future.

As always, you should check your home to ensure that you have taken steps to prevent falls.  Remove rugs or other items that lie on the floor which could cause you to trip.  If you walk through the house at night, turn on the lights and brighten the area.  Add handrails to stairs and long hallways. Wear your eyewear.  Walk on wooden, or tiled floors with rubber soled shoes.

SEI Healthcare a family-owned non-medical Homecare company, encourages all seniors and up and coming seniors to take the preventative measures listed above to ensure health and happiness in the home.  If at any time you, or your loved one may need home care assistance, please feel free to give us a call.  Our caregivers can assist you, or your loved one in walking through the home, whether it be to join everyone in the dining room for a nice lunch with the family, or to visit the restroom in the middle of the night.  Our caregivers are trained to assist clients as needed with their mobility issues.  Our clients' safety and well-being is a top priority for SEI Healthcare and we pride ourselves on the high level of home care assistance we provide throughout all of Tennessee and Arkansas and areas of Missouri, Georgia, Mississippi and Kentucky. 






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9 Aug 2012
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I worked for the Memphis based Sitters for several years. The manager and her co workers keeps this Sitters on its toes running smoothly and keeping well qualfied workers on the job taking care of your loved one. I hated to leave them but moved away from the area but they always were there if I needed to call about special need for one of the customers and helped me give better care. I would and have highly recommend this company over others. They are all dedicated professionals.

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