Date: 09/12/2019
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Take a Moment to Enjoy Caregiving

Sometimes, you have to look for the little ways you can make moments with your aging mother or father special for both of  you. It's no secret to those who live lives as daily caregivers that working daily and coming home after stopping by the grovery store and dry cleaners to prepare a meal and cleanup afterwards, only to be overwhelmed by the necessities of giving baths to the kids, going over homework, assisting your aging mother with bathing and dressing for bed, can be exhausting and stressful.  It seems to become a monotonous task of life that never deviates and never ends.  Let's find ways to add a little fun and love into those times so they become moments we can cherish.

Everyone loves music.  Take a moment each evening after dinner and play someone's favorite genre over the speakers while you clean the kitchen.  You may find people tapping their toes, or swaying to the beats! To be fair, let your little Suzy have her night of Disney music and your aging mother her night of ragtime.  It will make a chore time a fun and more relaxing time for the family.  Nothing like bonding while cleaning the house...helps the caregiver clean the house faster, too!

Walk in the door and greet your family with a heartfelt hug or smile.  Compliment your aging mother about anything you think of.  She will appreciate that you took notice of her.  Keep in mind that as much as you feel the extra stress of caring for her atop all of your other responsibilities, SHE probably feels like a burden to you.  Engage her more in eye-to-eye contact and offer to paint her nails, massage her neck, etc.  Do things with her that encourage your relationship as mother/daughter, not mother/ caregiver.

Who doesn't like a present? Bring your mother a present when it is unexpected.  She will take note that you took time out of your day to think of her while you were away.  It can be the smallest of items, such as her favorite cookies, or a word finder booklet (which are great to build mental skills as one age).  You'll feel great giving! 

If you ever feel so overwhelmed that you need some assistance, or a weekend off to take a trip on your own, call our trusted non-medical homecare company, SEI Healthcare.  We know what it is like to have to care for aging parents or grandparents who need assisance in personal care, housekeeping, meal preparations, etc.  Based in Brentwoood, TN and servicing TN, AR, GA, KY and MS,  we offer an array of services to our clients and we personalize each Care Plan to accomodate our client's needs and desires.  No two families are the same.  Our goal is to match our clients with the perfect caregiver based on their needs.  Feel free to call SEI Healthcare with any of your homecare questions.  We want you to feel relieved by letting us take the stress from your plate so you might enjoy more precious time with your loved ones.


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