Date: 17/07/2019
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Tips to Protect Seniors from Scam Artists

In today's society, Seniors are unfortunately at the mercy of scams artists in a way worse than ever. Many times, the scam artist criminals take advantage of Seniors because most Seniors are unwilling or hesitant to report to police or family members that they made a bad investment as they feel it will be taken as a loss of their ability to independently handle their personal and/or financial affairs. Other times, Seniors may not even realize they have been scammed.

To help protect yourself and your loved one, get familiar with these typical scams:


1. Guarantee of Miracle Cures Scams

Seniors experience more medical problems/conditions as they age. Many scams involve quick cures, or complete relief products that truly have no positive effects. Don't believe the "MIRACULOUS, FEEL BETTER" products will benefit you.

2. Investment Scams

Some seniors desire to add more to their financial legacy for their children or grandchildren as they age. This is certainly their prerogative. However, do not fall for investment opportunities that promise immediate and high returns. Many times, the scam artist will provide you stories of other Seniors whose family benefited from high investment returns and the story could not have been better written if it had been in a fairy tale. These are almost always falsehoods. Contact the Better Business Bureau in your area to check into any investment company you work with to ensure they are a valid and licensed agency.

3. Telemarketing Scams
Do not accept telemarketing calls. The scam artists on the other end of the line will try to promise you the world and then take a "small contribution" from Seniors by attaining their banking information. Do not be surprised if the account is wiped out and shows a balance of $0.00 by the end of the next business day. These people could be calling you from a pay phone or a location in which they leave after one day of scamming. This makes it almost impossible for police to trace and prosecute the scam artists.


4. Health Insurance and Prescription Drug Scams
Do not give out your insurance information to anyone besides the staff of those at your personal physician offices. Many scam artists will offer to provide you medical equipment, prescriptions, special tests, etc. All they need is your insurance information as they promise to bill it for you and that it will be covered in your policy without any charge to you. One month later, you are billed for out of pocket expenses to that scam artist because they lied about your coverage. Only trust your HEALTHCARE representative, or call your insurance company to verify coverage.

Take precautions to better protect yourself and your loved ones from the evils of scam artists. If you have any questions about how to contact the Better Business Bureau in your area, feel free to call SEI Healthcare and we will be happy to assist you. We strive to ensure our Senior clients are protected at all times by training our compassionate caregivers to watch out for the above scenarios. Our goal is to provide the highest quality homecare in Tennessee and Arkansas to allow Seniors the opportunity to safely maintain their independence in the privacy and comforts of their own homes with the assistance they may need from our caregivers in personal care, homemaking, meal preparation, medication reminders, etc.  

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