Things to Look For

Is the company you hired to care for your loved ones LICENSED to provide non-medical home care?

SEI Healthcare is licensed to operate a non-medical home care company. This enures the company is required to adhere to all licensing requirements and all mandatory audits throughout the year.

Is the company they provide the required WORKER'S COMPENSATION to cover your interests if the caregiver is injured in your home?

SEI Healthcare is bonded and must also protect its Clients by maintaining appropriate Worker's Compensation so as to cover any type of accident/disturbance that may occur in your home related to its caregivers.

Does the company hire any Independent Contractors?

The caregivers that represent SEI Healthcare are our employees vs. independent contractors.  We DO NOT hire independent contractors for reasons that directly benefit our clients:

  • Independent contractors are self-managed.  In order to ensure the best care for our clients, we must be able to manage our caregivers.  This means they must adhere to our policies, procedures, and standards, which are the highest in the industry. Our standards include annual training, which is a requirement for our employees vs. an option for independent contractors. We are, therefore, continually investing time and effort into enhancing our caregivers’ skills and levels of experience, ensuring the best of care for our clients.
  • As their employer, we assume the risks and costs associated with any on-the-job injuries incurred by our caregivers.  If they were independent contractors, these costs would be the responsibility of our clients. (refer to previous question)

What training does the company provide its employees and how often does it require training?

Even though we hire only experienced Caregivers, we recognize our responsibility to both our caregivers and our clients to provide ongoing training that

  • reinforces what they already know.
  • keeps them abreast of the latest health concerns of the aging population.

Mandatory training is provided every six months.


What topics are covered in your training?

Topics include

  • Dealing with Behaviors Associated with Alzheimer's
  • Observing, Monitoring, and Reporting changes in the client's mental and physical well-being
  • Safety and Emergency Procedures
  • End-of-Life Caregiving
  • Sundowner's Syndrome
  • The Effects of Aging
  • Depression in the Senior Population
  • Universal Precautions and Infection Control
  • Body Mechanics
  • Transfers and Mobility
  • Range of Motion Exercises
  • Sensory Stimulation
  • Homemaking
  • Meal Preparation
  • Personal Care


Connect with us!

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SEI Healthcare also provides in-home services to

  • Veterans
  • post-surgical patients
  • pregnant women
  • those in need of transportation to appointments

We are on call to supply on-site assistance in HOSPITAL and ASSISTED LIVING settings throughout Tennessee.

SEI Healthcare has become one of the most noted and awarded non-medical homecare companies in Tennessee

  • providing the highest levels of compassionate home care
  • understanding that our Clients' input regarding the assistance they need is of utmost importance

The standards of care that we strive to attain with each of our Clients are the highest in our field and 16 years caring for and assisting the Senior Community of Tennessee has allowed us to prove we have the ultimate standards in providing our trusted, tried and true CULTURE OF CARING!