"My standards and service levels are very high.  We must be there on time, and we must do what we say we will do. Operating a family-owned business and training franchisees in systems and processes that I have developed means that my name is on the line.  So we treat each of our Clients exactly as we would treat someone in our own family. Our Clients are our priority."

Beau Brothers, Founder


Real-time Response

The SEI Healthcare policy of making ourselves available to potential clients at any time that is convenient to them is the foundation of our customer satisfaction philosophy.  It is the first demonstration of our total commitment to them and sets the stage for the Culture of Caring® they will always experience as our Clients.


Personalized Home Care Plan

Each Client has a unique set of circumstances relating to their desires and needs for at home care.  In order to learn as much as possible about yout situation, an SEI Healthcare representative will visit your home and, with your valuable insight and input, develop a personalized Care Plan that addresses those issues.

It is our desire to provide you the best service in the industry.  To this end, we ask that you communicate openly and thoroughly with us regarding your expectations.


Home Care Services You Can Trust

Our services are provided by trained, insured and bonded Caregivers.  All Caregivers must possess previous verifiable experience in caring for seniors, children or disabled individuals.  Each applicant undergoes a criminal background check, abuse registry check, sexual abuse registry check and a social security number verification.  Along with our mandatory trainings throughout the year, each Caregiver is evaluted on an annual basis so we can gauge their motivation to continue serving with the mercy and compassion each Client deserves.



Connect with us!

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SEI Healthcare also provides in-home services to

  • Veterans
  • post-surgical patients
  • pregnant women
  • those in need of transportation to appointments

We are on call to supply on-site assistance in HOSPITAL and ASSISTED LIVING settings throughout Tennessee.

SEI Healthcare has become one of the most noted and awarded non-medical homecare companies in Tennessee

  • providing the highest levels of compassionate home care
  • understanding that our Clients' input regarding the assistance they need is of utmost importance

The standards of care that we strive to attain with each of our Clients are the highest in our field and 16 years caring for and assisting the Senior Community of Tennessee has allowed us to prove we have the ultimate standards in providing our trusted, tried and true CULTURE OF CARING!